Fish Benda – Fenbendazole 250 mg Capsules


Fish Benda – Fenbendazole 250mg Capsules


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Fish Benda – Fenbendazole is used as a worming agent in
tropical fish. It is extremely effective in both fresh and salt
water environments against most all types of worms,
including: Tapeworms, Roundworms, Hookworms, Calamus,
and Whipworms. It has replaced levamisole (Discomed) since
the fish do not build a resistance to it. Fenbendazole can be
dosed either as a tank treatment or in the fish food itself.
It takes effect quickly and will usually see worms protruding
from infected fish within an hour or so.
Active Ingredients: Fenbendazole 250mg (each capsule)
Dosage & Administration: 
Can be used in a hospital tank for single fish at the rate of one or in main tank
populated by fish only. Best used in combination with a fish
antibacterial polymer to increase palatability and reduce loss
of medication in water. Treat for a 3 day duration with water
changes and filtration between treatment.
Do not use in tanks with starfish, snails, anemones, Cnidarians, mushrooms, or corals as it can cause an adverse effect and possibly cause death.
To remove harmless yellow color, change 20% of water
and use charcoal filter until clear.


Caution: Fish Antibiotics are for aquarium and ornamental fish only. not for human use. keep out of the reach of children. not to be given to fish that are intended for food use.

Storage: Keep lid tightly fastened and store at controlled room temperature of 59°-86°F. (15°-30°C).

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