Fish Prazi (Praziquantel) 200mg capsules


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Fish Prazi (Praziquantel) is a safe solution for removing
and the prevention of flatworms and other parasites in
aquariums, koi ponds, other aquatic environments and
within the fish themselves.

Active Ingredients: Praziquantel 200mg (each capsule)

Dosage & Administration:
Add the contents of one capsule (200 mg) into
aquarium or pond for each 20 gallons of water.
It is recommended to do at least a 10% water change
prior to treatment and do not stop filtration. Activated
carbon and UV sterilization should be removed prior
to treatment for maximum effectiveness. Do not repeat
treatment more than every 4-5 days, one treatment is
usually all that is required. Do not combine with any
treatments or medications. Not recommended for use
in saltwater systems where Polycladida flatworms are
being cultivated.

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